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Videography Services

Quality video recording for depositions

Effectively communicate complex material.

Trust in Cook & Wiley, backed by Planet Depos, to effectively translate your complex case to understandable concepts through legal video.

Cook & Wiley provides quality video recording for depositions. Cook & Wiley’s video production division includes services such as video editing, courtroom playback, demonstrative evidence videos, day-in-the-life videos, mock jury deliberation videos, video synchronization and video digitizing. Cook & Wiley’s  Legal Deposition Services serves the Richmond, Glen Allen, Charlottesville, Fredericksburg, and Central Virginia areas.

With the help our expert technicians, legal videography can effectively communicate complex material into understandable concepts.  Further, it can persuasively demonstrate the veracity of the deponent by highlighting lack of eye contact, witness coaching, nervous fidgeting or chair swiveling, anxious tone of voice, or hesitation. We shoot completely in digital format utilizing professional-grade high-definition cameras. Though we never expect an issue to arise, should anything happen our videographers are trained to resolve all technical issues onsite and without delay.

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Listen to Our Clients:

“Many years ago, Jimmy Morris asked me to consider using his daughter, Carolyn O’Connor, for court reporting and told me she had just gone to work for Cook and Wiley. My firm at the time and now, starting using Cook and Wiley and we have never stopped, nor have we ever regretted the decision. As with most requests from Jimmy Morris, we enjoyed the benefits far more than his daughter or Cook and Wiley. They have always gone the extra mile for us, covered us when we neglected to reserve them, produced transcripts immediately when needed, and best of all, every one of their reporters has been a pleasure to work with and has always demonstrated the utmost in professionalism. ParisBlank, LLP calls Cook and Wiley first for our court reporting needs and urges other attorneys to do the same.”

Irving M. Blank,
Managing Partner,
ParisBlank, LLP,
Richmond, Virginia

“I have relied exclusively on Cook & Wiley for almost 30 years. These reporters are professional. They are careful. They are attentive, punctual, efficient and cooperative. I have counted on Cook & Wiley to accurately report the testimony and deliver the exhibits for virtually my entire professional career, and I have never been disappointed. On top of all this, they are a joy to work with. They set the standard.”

Christopher C. Spencer
O’Hagan Spencer LLP
Richmond, Virginia


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