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Is Court Reporting Right for You?

Is Court Reporting Right for You?

Court reporting is one of those careers that is likely to endure despite technological advances and changes. The need for skilled individuals to capture and record information during court and legal proceedings is something that simply cannot be replaced by machines... read more
How Fast Do I Need to Type to Be a Court Reporter?

How Fast Do I Need to Type to Be a Court Reporter?

Everyone talks at a different speed, with many factors contributing to their speaking pace. Factors such as occupation, subject matter and geographic area where one is born and raised. Most people speak at a speed from 110 to 200 words per minute (wpm), depending on... read more

Misconceptions About Court Reporters

While court reporters have proven to be nearly invaluable to many businesses and firms, there still tends to be plenty of misconceptions and misunderstandings of what they actually do.  Since court reporting is so versatile, there‚Äôs a wide range of services reporters... read more

Steps to Beginning a Career in Court Reporting

The first steps toward beginning a career in court reporting can be as simple as working on some basic skills like keyboarding speed and accuracy while researching the basics of court reporter training. While the keyboards that court reporters use are very different... read more


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