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Realtime Reporting

Forefront of Court Reporting Technology

Court reporting is ever changing.

Trust in Cook & Wiley, backed by Planet Depos, to be at the forefront of court reporting technology.

Cook & Wiley, backed by Planet Depos, recognizes the ever-changing landscape of court reporting. Realtime court reporting, a technology that allows lawyers and their teams to view testimony as it’s being spoken, from anywhere in the world, is just one of many technologies that are at the forefront of court reporting today. Quality realtime transcription is performed by court reporters that provide an instant, verbatim record of the proceedings at an extraordinarily high degree of accuracy. Cook & Wiley serves the Richmond, Charlottesville, Glen Allen, Fredericksburg, and Central Virginia areas.

Whether you need cabled or wireless realtime court reporting in Richmond, or anywhere else in central Virginia, Cook & Wiley court reporters are prepared to deliver the highest quality and technologically innovative court reporting solutions available today.

Listen to Our Clients:

“I have worked with Cook and Wiley for more than 25 years. They have made sacrifices on short notice for me and they have always been timely in delivering transcripts. In all the years we have been working together I have never had a complaint with the quality of their work. I would certainly recommend them to anyone in need of court reporting services.”

Jim Hundley

“I have worked with Cook & Wiley since my rookie days and working with them is always a pleasure. Cook & Wiley does a great job each and every time and I know without a doubt that the transcripts will be timely and accurate.”

Alan G. Gnapp, Esquire Setliff & Holland


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