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Why Certification is Important for Court Reporters

The court reporting profession can be a demanding line of work. It requires strong attention to detail, manual dexterity, and an ability to focus in and capture speech and dialogue with a high level of accuracy. Although it is not always required by employers,... read more

Steps to Beginning a Career in Court Reporting

The first steps toward beginning a career in court reporting can be as simple as working on some basic skills like keyboarding speed and accuracy while researching the basics of court reporter training. While the keyboards that court reporters use are very different... read more
Certifications and Requirements for Court Reporters

Certifications and Requirements for Court Reporters

A court reporter’s fingers must work fast and furiously—and accurately—at all times. The ability to listen to information and then transcribe it onto a 20- to 25-key machine that produces what looks more like Greek to most people in virtually real-time is no easy... read more
How To Become A Court Reporter

How To Become A Court Reporter

As a court reporter, you’ll attend public speaking events as well as legal proceedings in order to make verbatim transcriptions. You might also have the opportunity to caption a public event or television program. Other duties for court reporters include reporting... read more


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