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What to Expect From Court Reporting Schools

Thousands of people choose to become court reporters each year and with an average pay rate of $23.80 per hour, it is easy to see the appeal. Your earning potential grows if you choose to provide other types of reporting as well. If you are considering attending a... read more
Is Court Reporting Right for You?

Is Court Reporting Right for You?

Court reporting is one of those careers that is likely to endure despite technological advances and changes. The need for skilled individuals to capture and record information during court and legal proceedings is something that simply cannot be replaced by machines... read more
Most Popular Court Reporting Schools

Most Popular Court Reporting Schools

You’ve seen the commercials: “Learn how to be a dental assistant” and enjoy what you do. Or, “Become a medical technician” and be the envy of all your friends. Envy doesn’t pay the bills, though, and maybe you’re not comfortable working in somebody’s mouth. Here’s... read more
How Fast Do I Need to Type to Be a Court Reporter?

How Fast Do I Need to Type to Be a Court Reporter?

Everyone talks at a different speed, with many factors contributing to their speaking pace. Factors such as occupation, subject matter and geographic area where one is born and raised. Most people speak at a speed from 110 to 200 words per minute (wpm), depending on... read more

Will There Be a Shortage of Court Reporters?

Court Reporters play a critical part in legal proceedings and in other capacities where speech must be preserved in a written record. At times this can include nearly every meeting in the judicial process. Court reporters in the judicial system are responsible for... read more
Review of the Best Court Reporting Schools

Review of the Best Court Reporting Schools

Court reporting is a great career that provides stability and a solid income. In order to become a court reporter, though, you must have proper training. There is a lot more involved in doing the job than being able to type fast. You’ll need to complete a court... read more


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