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Review of the Best Court Reporting Schools

Court reporting is a great career that...

stenograph-scholarshipsCourt reporting is a great career that provides stability and a solid income. In order to become a court reporter, though, you must have proper training. There is a lot more involved in doing the job than being able to type fast. You’ll need to complete a court reporter training program at a court reporting school to learn the many duties of the job. There are a variety of schools out there to choose from, but finding the best one can be tricky.

How to Access Schools

While it can be very difficult to figure out which school is the best, making your choice is a lot easier when you consider the recommendations of the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA). The NCRA is an internationally recognized organization that serves as a resource for the court reporting industry. The organization has set standards for court reporting education programs and has a list of schools that have been certified as meeting these standards on its website.

Being certified by the NCRA is a great indication that a school is offering top-quality education. In addition, the NCRA requires proper accreditation for schools to be certified, so you can trust that all the schools are properly accredited. What this means is that it meets requirements set by the government to provide high-quality education and training so that when you graduate, you will be properly trained to work as a court reporter.

How to Choose the Best School

While the title of best court reporting school can be debated, any school certified by the NCRA could be considered a top school. When you are looking at schools, though, the best school for you will come down to what your needs are and what you want to get out of your training.

Some schools will offer classes at their campus only. Some offer online-only classes. Others will offer both options. Online programs may offer an interactive experience where you attend classes via a video conference type setting or may be less interactive and have you use message boards to interact with other students and the instructor. Programs on campus may be offered only during the day or the school may offer flexible options during the evening and on weekends. The length of the course may also vary from school to school.

There are also different types of technology employed by schools. Some may use simulation software that allows you to practice as if you were in a real courtroom. You may be required to do a certain amount of realtime reporting with the simulation software. Other schools may not use this type of technology and use an alternative type of program to give you the required practical experience.

When looking at schools, it is important that you consider all the different aspects to ensure that you choose a school that is a good fit. You want to feel comfortable with the school and program in order to set yourself up for success.

Top Court Reporting Schools

Here’s a look at some NCRA certified schools that offer court reporting programs.

Sage College has offered court reporter training for over 40 years. The school offers classes on campus and online. As part of the course, you are prepared to take several exams, such as the Registered Professional Reporter exam, if you choose to pursue registration or certification after graduation.

Bryan University offers online courses in a real-time environment. It is kind of like being on a video conference every time you attend class. This unique experience helps you to interact with your instructors and other students. The school also offers national certification preparation.

New York Career Institute offers a structured curriculum where you will learn how to work with the English language and use a steno machine. The school offers a certificate program and an associate’s degree program.

Alvin Community College was established in 1975. This school has been recognized for its outstanding program by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

Brown College of Court Reporting is located in the state of Georgia and is the only NCRA certified program in this state. The school offers day or evening classes and online classes to meet the needs of busy students.

While it is a personal decision for you to decide which school is the best one, you can be sure that as long as the school is NCRA certified, you are on the right track. Having a solid reputation and being accredited helps to ensure that you will be getting the best education possible. You’ll be properly prepared to start a career in court reporting once you graduate.


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