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Why Certification is Important for Court Reporters

The court reporting profession can be a...

court-reporters-transcribeThe court reporting profession can be a demanding line of work. It requires strong attention to detail, manual dexterity, and an ability to focus in and capture speech and dialogue with a high level of accuracy. Although it is not always required by employers, certification in the field of court reporting offers many advantages. From honing your skills to making you a more viable candidate for employment, the benefits are numerous and should be considered by anyone who is interested in entering into this profession.

Refining Necessary Job Skills

Like many workers in transcription roles, court reporters must possess a range of skills in order to perform job duties adequately. They must be focused listeners and observers in order to properly interpret and record statements. A court reporter must also be an adept typist, able to accurately output many words per minute while making very few mistakes. These are the types of abilities which are developed as part of a certification program.

While it is certainly possible to refine one’s relevant job skills for court reporting independently, an accredited program offers measured goals which correlate with the demands and requirements of today’s professional environments. As a comparison, a track athlete can build endurance by running greater and greater distances over time, but he or she will not necessarily be assured that their training is sufficient to meet the needs of an official-length marathon without having measured and practiced that specific distance.

Staying Current With the Industry

Transcription professionals such as court reporters utilize specialized software which translates shorthand writing into standardized text, and as with any industry, both software and methodology can change over time. One of the key benefits of certification is that you—as well as prospective employers—will be confident that you are well-versed in the most current practices and applications.

Acquiring and maintaining your certification as a court reporter is also an excellent way to show that you’re in tune with the industry, including current trends, tools, as well as applicable theories and techniques. It’s also a good way to show an employer your dedication and commitment to continually advancing your skills in the field, frequently considered an attractive trait in job applicants.

Building Personal Confidence

The work of a court reporter is extremely detail-oriented and demands a high degree of professionalism and composure. One of the most effective ways to develop your professional poise is to build confidence in your talents as a reporter. Attaining certification in your field provides natural assurance that you’re definitely cut out for the job, and not just for you—for potential employers as well.

Becoming a Qualified Professional

There’s more to the work of a court reporter than straightforward transcription. An experienced worker in this field is one who is comfortable presenting and conducting him or herself professionally, a necessity for legal settings. A good reporter is fluent in setup and operation of necessary equipment as well as archiving, translating, and distributing recorded materials to the proper parties.

A quality certification program will ensure that you possess the full range of skills necessary for success in this career field. While direct transcription abilities usually represent the greatest focus for aspiring professionals, it’s important to gain a full understanding of the common day-to-day duties which reporters are responsible for as well.

Increasing Your Value

Last and certainly not least, one of the foremost goals of any certification program is to enhance one’s market value. Competition is fierce for desirable positions in just about every industry these days; boasting distinction as a certified court reporter can be an automatic leg-up over many of your competitors.

Certification serves to display not only that you possess refined skills necessary to the job, but it also conveys a sense of commitment to your professional field, a big plus for many employers seeking long-term contributors to their organizations. Additionally, it is estimated that certified court reporters enjoy access to more lucrative employment opportunities, their value increasing as they acquire and hone new skills.

In Summary

Preparing yourself to participate in a competitive industry requires time and effort to develop the necessary skills, but your hard work alone won’t carry you nearly as far without a certificate which ties it all together. To boost your confidence, expand your capabilities, and enhance your market value, consider obtaining certification as court reporter. It’s not only an ideal way to get your foot in the door of a new industry—it can elevate your worth as a more experienced worker in the field as well.


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