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What is Cameo Video Conferencing?

Cameo video conferencing is a low-cost solution...

richmond-va-videoconferencing-3Cameo video conferencing is a low-cost solution that enables you connect virtually any device and conduct videoconferencing.  It works with PC’s, Macs, iPads, iPhones, Android devices, as well as traditional videoconferencing equipment.  Designed with the legal industry in mind, Cameo allows for secure, high-quality connections that prioritize audio over video.  What does that mean?  If there’s ever a slowdown in connection, the audio won’t be sacrificed, allowing the reporter to continue writing seamlessly.

Cameo is ideal for attorneys who wish to participate in a deposition, but can’t leave their office, a witness who can’t travel, or even for meetings within the company, with multiple offices.  In a nutshell, Cameo can help reduce costs when booking a traditional videoconferencing facility isn’t feasible.  Its security and reliability make it the preferred way to participate in a deposition remotely.


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