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The Benefits of Video Conferencing

To save time and money, but be...

richmond-va-videoconferencing-3To save time and money, but be able to still preserve the virtues of face-to-face contact, video conferencing can make a big difference in the result of your meeting. With technological equipment that can seamlessly connect the parties in different rooms with clear audio and visual views of all the other people, everyone can avoid the expense and wasted time involved in travel to meet personally with the other people in the matter.

Video conferencing is perfect for any proceeding that requires real-time audio and video connection of excellent quality and the ability to have an accurate and timely record and transcript of the event. For depositions or critical meetings with expert witnesses, video conferencing provides the link you need to make the proceeding as interactive and effective as possible. Allowing eye contact and the ability to assess body language and other non-verbal cues, the video link adds vital information to your preparation of the case.

How it Works

Using high-tech equipment in video and audio recording and transmission, together with high speed broadband connections, video conferencing can connect two or more separate rooms with real-time audio and video relay that allow participants in all locations to see and hear all the others. Requiring compatible technical set-ups at both ends, of course, means that all participants need to be near a facility equipped with the cameras, microphones, computers, broadband connection and other necessary accessories. Generally most urban areas have services available to rent a space that is equipped with the technical gear and trained operators to assist with the procedure. Finding the location for a sophisticated video conferencing connection that can offer real-time reporting and excellent technical support makes the event go smoothly so you can focus on the substance of the meeting.

Cost-effective and Efficient

The advantages to video conferencing start with the savings of avoiding travel for multiple parties to distant locations for depositions or critical conferences. In addition to eliminating the costs of airfare, lodging, per diem expenses, the savings include increased productivity with less downtime in transit. Employees need not suffer the unpaid air travel and waiting time that is common with many business trips.

The traditional answer to avoiding a trip for a meeting, though, meant a phone call or conference call with multiple parties on a telephone line. The sacrifice in face-to-face communication and the inefficiencies of audio-only communications limited this option, though. Now, all critical meetings can include the full range of oral and visual input that helps to make a two-way communication more effective. Whether for business meetings between team members in separate offices or meeting with an expert witness to prepare for trial testimony, a clear video connection can make all the difference in a smooth and effective meeting.

Cook and Wiley provides Video Conferencing for the Richmond, VA area.

Not Just For Legal Proceedings

While lawyers have become accustomed to relying on video conferencing for out of state depositions or other critical meetings in a case, many business owners are beginning to realize the importance of using the best technology available to communicate with clients, co-workers, suppliers and more. The equipment and connections necessary for video conferencing have become more affordable as technology progresses. Still, though, many companies and individuals do not have the highest grade of video and audio equipment that makes the connection and video conferencing experience most useful. Facilities are available in most major metropolitan areas for use by those who lack the technical equipment at their home or office for a sophisticated video conferencing connection.

Make The Record

For official legal proceedings, the official record of the proceedings is equally as important as the quality of the audio and video connections. By making use of professional facilities that offer real-time recording services as well, it is possible to get a transcript of the event as it transpires. The disadvantages of being physically separate from the witness or other participants in the meeting are eliminated with the ability to not just see and hear the other parties, but to have a real-time transcript of the proceedings. A witness who provides an unclear answer can be questioned further at the time, avoiding the need to reconvene after reviewing the transcript.

The Benefits Add Up

Having a strong video conferencing connection is the tool in your arsenal as a small business owner or solo lawyer that can even the playing field with the big firms that have technical staff able to set up the most complete communication system on demand. With the resource of a capable local partner that can meet your video conferencing needs, you can meet the client or the witness face-to-face, and promote better understanding of the matter to reach the clearest possible results.

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