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Court Reporter Gets Tough in the Court Room

Several years ago in a deposition, the...

Several years ago in a deposition, the witness wouldn’t answer the question about his boss’s drug use in the back of the store. He was told by Mr. Jones, one of the attorneys, “If you don’t answer the question, I’m going to have the court reporter, who is an office of the court, direct you to answer the questions.” Of course, I’m thinking, you have got to be kidding.

The witness replied, “I refuse to answer the question.” At that point, Mr. Jones continued. “Madam Court Reporter, direct the witness to answer the question.”

Since the attorney on the other side didn’t object, and I didn’t know what to do, I sat straight up in my chair, puffed myself up to my full five-foot-two inches of badness, and said, “Sir, answer the question.” And I swear, he spilled his guts.

This true story is from Jeanne V. Wiley, CCR, RPR, from Richmond VA., owner of Cook and Wiley, Inc.


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